Sweetchilli Relaunches Online

Welcome to our brand spanking new website.  It’s pretty mint and we know it!! 

Here you’ll be kept far more up-to-date than with previous incarnations.  Whenever we want, we can post new charts (that’s all our DJ’s!!..not just the exquisite selections from Crispin & Daniel), add news items on a whim, update photo albums and much more. Winthin the next 6 months the Online store will Launch allowing you to purchase tickets and Merchandise directly from our site. The Forums have had a re work along with every other part of the site.

We want to extend a few thank you’s to the people that helped us get this done. Firstly… Massive thanks goes to Glenn from Translogik Software and Enigma Records for his exceptional web development and backend. (That’s a web thing… not his arse)  Also many thanks to Rik from Amorfo Designlab, all the way over in Mexico who helped us with the new site design, we think its great… and we hope you like it too! 

We’ve got a website to rival all the big portals we thinks….  So Make sure you keep coming back.  Lots of love – all the Chilli Crew.

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