Revenge of the Chin

A long time ago, on a jaw far, far away… Carlos Zarate has returned to his home planet of Ballchinian in an attempt to rescue Crispin from the clutches of the vile intergalactic pirate known only as the Godfather (Daniel Crocetti). Little does Carlos know that the Galactic Empire has secretly begun construction on a new armored Jaw Station even more powerful than the first dreaded Gurnstar.

When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of rebel chins struggling to restore freedom to the galaxy… Carlos must some how free Crispin and stop the fierce struggle that has ravaged Ballchinian for eons, Without intervention no one would live to see the end and the Galatic Empire would rule the universe forever…

The Epic Saga Begins

January 11 2008 – The Civic Theatre

Corner of Pitt & Goulbourn St’s

Sweetchilli Chinwars Longer Sets… Bigger Chins… A new hope for the future!

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