Solead to play in January

 Charles and Vincent are 2 producers from Paris. Their Solead project is a culmination of years of musical assoctiation. Why the Solead project? Charles and Vincent have a long-standing friendship, that has seen them collaborate musically in a variety of different styles and mediums from very early on in their careers.

Extensive theoretic training gave way to playing guitar & keyboard in rock bands and finally gave way to electronic music production. After a successful caereer in a design agency, Vincent moved into music production with several successful solo projects, Motion & Tetraktys. Charles also followed this route with his project Triptych, with his background in cinematography still coming in handy in his current career as a mastering engineer. From 2000 onwards, between them as seperate projects they have produced 4 albums and more than 80 tracks. establishing them as some of France’s most respected electronic musicians. The Solead project was created to combine their knowledge of electronic music production and to feed their love of music.

Since beginning to work together again, they have become a favourite of DJs worldwide with remixes from the likes of Beauty School, (ex E.M.F band) and dancefloor stompers like 3rd Contact (released on Vitalic’s label Citizen) and evn reaching the top of the charts with the remix they did for Fingertwister of “I remember jah” on Chillosophy Music. They are respected for the great diversity of their music and have already caught the attention of respected artist in a wide range of styles such as Vitalic and his label Citizen, John Digweed (Giddy Down rmx on Transitions 3 compilation) , Damian Lazarus, Minilogue, Kasey Taylor, Piliavin & Zimbardo, Dj Hal, Stama and labels such as Vapour, Chillosophy Music, Subsonic and Erase records.

With many upcoming releases and major festival gigs at events such as the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, they have performed live sets all around the globe, in Europe, South Africa, North and South America, Asia & of course Australia – they are no doubt one of the names to watch in 2007 and beyond Years of studio experience and musical association has combined together to make the Solead one of the truely innovative acts of the global electronic music scene.

On the cutting edge of a fresh minimal techno sound, these boys will breathe life into any club or festival with their mindblowing live set which includes thier own live material mixed with the biggest sounding tracks on offer.

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