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Created On January 29th, 2008 by M_adz

I was very excited about this Sweetchilli gig. Not familiar with Solead prior to the gig, I’d however been promised that it would be quite a “journey”. I was told that I would recognise some of their tracks that have been on sets and albums I listen to regularly –John Digweed, Minilogue and Damien Lazarus to name a few. I was also told that not only do these guys play minimal/prog/tech stuff, they have been known to bust out some rolling techno and psy trance. What a way to get someone excited!

Solead is made up of two French dudes, Charles and Vincent, old mates who got into the producing business together. Previous gigs had them collaborating on a range of different things, including a few years in a rock band. These days, however, they prefer to stick to the electronic music field and we should all be happy that they decided to. Between them they have produced more than 80 tracks and four albums in just 8 years– quite an achievement! Motion on the other hand is just Vincent, one half of Solead (get it?). He has a long standing love of classical music but in his productions is where he really shines. Previously releasing an album under the name of Tetraktys, he prefers the deep progressive and electro beats, although I am led to believe he has released tracks on trance labels too!

So with a belly full of vodka and high spirits, we rolled into the Civic to some smooth smooth sounds of Crispin doing his thing. He is a really good DJ who I think undersells himself. He always does the perfect warmup set for any international DJ that I’ve seen him lead into, plus he knows how to play the ‘main’ set with gusto as well. He has been around for some time (DJing for about 7 years I think) and is up there with the loveliest DJs you’ll meet in Sydney.

The Solead boys came on next and rolled out the beats. There was quite a diverse crowd at this week’s Sweetchilli: some hippies, some of the usuals, and some youngens too, but everyone seemed well impressed with what they were hearing. The lads were pretty energetic too – jumping about behind the decks and looking like they were having a ball up there. Musically it was a really diverse set, some prog, touches of trance, lashings of minimal and even a smidge of electro for good measure. I really appreciate listening to these kind of sets because they are so different to the minimal/tech house explosion that is happening in Sydney at the moment. Hopefully these sort of sets get under the skin of aspiring DJs and push them into exploring something new, something outside what they would normally think to mix into a set.

Motion (aka Vincent) did his solo stint after the duo on the decks, although it seemed that Charles was very keen to keep him company up there for the duration of his set! The music was different, the focus turned more into some uplifting yet deep progressive, the stuff we all loved earlier in the decade. It was so refreshing to hear that kind of sound coming from the speaker stacks: smooth, heavy, rhythmic sounds that weren’t tainted and so perfectly executed.

All in all a top notch effort from both the Solead/Motion and Sweetchilli lads for this gig. Its so fantastic to hear new, innovative and exciting music amongst a whole lot of beige that is about at the moment. I was hyped about this from the start and I remain hyped about it, so much so that I downloaded a promo set from the Sweetchilli site and have had it on rotation on my mp3 player! A fantastic start to 2008 for me and I hope that there are more quality gigs like this in the pipeline.




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