Carlos Zarate: THUG NIGHTS BDay Mix.

New LIVE mix from Zarate to celebrate Thug Nights 1st Birthday. The agency and label night has played host to an array of leading underground DJ’s over the past year including Luke Fair, Deepchild, Jimi Polar, Mark Murphy, Robbie Lowe and a host of Sydneys best upcoming and established DJ talent. The mix showcases a small sample of the music that you would hear at an event. From the deeper more twisted sounds of John Tejada and H.O.S.H. right through to the jackin tech sounds of Bart Skills & Anton Pieete. Thug Nights is all about the dancefloor, its about digging a little deeper into your records collections and playing some of the quirkier less obvious tracks and showcasing underground DJ’s who seem to do this with ease.

A snippet from Carlos Zarate’s 3D World interview…

" Thug started in 2005 as a management company for some of Sydney’s highest profile DJ’s (Mark Murphy (Spank, Big Day Out, KILLER). N_Zed (BEEF) and Robbie Lowe (Sweetchilli). After two successful years of management the brand expanded to incorporate events. April 2007 saw the launch of THUG NIGHTS headlined by Luke Fair who played a secret 3.5 hour set to a half empty Favela. Originally he was only meant to spin for an hour and half so when I saw the venue was struggling for numbers I was worried if he would play at all! Luckily he did play and musically it is stands as one of the best sets I have been lucky enough to witness. The fact that it was a little quieter and on an a Sunday night gave Luke the opportunity to dig deeper into every corner of his record collection and showcase a lot of music that he rarely got the chance to play out. This set inspired me so much that it made me think it would be great to push that vibe a little more often here in Sydney and essentially set the tone for the direction of Thug Nights musically. Giving DJ’s the opportunity to play in an environment where you can play b sides, old classics, tweaked out house and tech, what ever works is our goal!"

We will be giving away 50 copies the mix at THUG NIGHTS 1st Birthday at The Civic Underground April 18. Or alternatively you can download a copy of the mix (for one week only) from the following link…

Lots of love



1) Sascha Funke: Mango

2) H.O.S.H: Steppenwolf – Jerome Sydenham Dub

3) Nima Gorji: Nexus Dub

4) Cooper & Romboy: Lost – Mazi & Duriez Mix

5) John Tejada: Paranoia

6) H.O.S.H & Stimming: Radar

7) Johnny D: Traumodyssee: Ray Okpara Mix

8) Davide Squillace: Miss Giggler – Darko Esser Mix

9) Bart Skills & Anton Pieete: Handsome

10) Tim Jirgenson: Keep It Simple

11) Vincenzo: The Resident


Download link one more time:

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