Paul ‘Flex’ Taylor, December 2012


Paul ‘Flex’ Taylor Cause/Effect Disco Drops Mix

For our December Sweetchilli classic mix, we are very pleased to bring you a mix from the godfather Paul “flex” Taylor. Paul came to Sydney in ’77 and got a job in a record store, and got into DJing. By ’79 disco was blowing up and Paul was spinning 40 hrs a week in clubs, and was officially a vinyl and mix junkie.

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Jamie Stevens, October 2012


For our October mix Here’s a set Jamie put together for Deanna Avra’s show “Emotions” for

Heres what Jamie had to say about it:

“This set encapsulates what I love about house music and the power it emits, from intricate sound design creating worlds that only exist in our imagination through to the incorporation of beautiful strings and guitars from the ‘real’ world. The collision of textures, colours and rhythm is what I love about this music and always have done since I was very young”

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Robbie Lowe, Live 2004


Robbie Lowe Live, Sweetchilli July 2004 (Classic Mix)

September’s classic mix comes from Sweetchilli resident and good friend Robbie Lowe, Robbie is one of Sydney’s Best DJ’s and continues to stay at the forefront of the scene today. We hope you enjoy this classic mix from Robbie and remember the only prescription for a fever… is more cowbell.

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Anthony Pappa, Live 2004


Anthony Pappa Live, Sweetchilli July 2004 (Classic Mix)

For our first Sweetchilli classic mix, we delve into the vaults for a 3hr set from one of Australia’s finest exports, Anthony Pappa. This was recorded in July 2004 at Sweetchilli and originally broadcast on Proton Radio on the .AUdio show. Most, if not all of these recordings were made possible by the hard work of  Grant Taplin over the many years we did sweetchilli. So a big thank you to Grant for making these possible. 

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Subsonic Launch, 1st September, Burdekin.

Subsonic Launch Event

With the 2012 edition of Subsonic Music Festival (December 7th, 8th and 9th) only 4 months away, it’s time to warm up your party pants and moisten your eardrums with the annual launch party – woohoo! Subsonic are taking over all 4 floors of The Burdekin for this super special occasion and have enlisted an abundance of classy talent to help us celebrate.

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2012 Website Reboot


Due to some unforseen circumstances we wont go into, the old sweetchilli website had to be taken down. It was more than 6 years old so it had a good run!

Luckily we had a backup of everything so none of the photos etc where lost.

I wanted to keep the site live for the sake of history, and because I wanted to retool it and use it as a portal to post new mixes, and hopefully the occasional upcoming event.

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Extrawelt, Civic Theatre, November 2007

23/11/2007 | Civic Theatre | Support: Daniel Crocetti, Carlos Zarate

Many Sweetchilli fans were excited to hear that progressive and minimal duo Extrawelt were the latest special guests lined up to play the weekly night at the Civic Hotel this month. Extrawelt consists of Germany’s Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe, also known well for their other moniker Midimiliz which they use for more psy-oriented performances. These talented lads have been playing live and DJing all over the world and are known for tank-like driving bass lines, powerful drum beats and blend of menacing, droning, echoing synths. Their sound incorporates minimal, progressive and techno sounds and is specifically designed to tear venues apart. Extrawelt first struck major success in 2004 when they caught the ear of James Holden with their releases on his UK Border Community label, Soopertrack and Zu Fuss. Since then they have released on Germanys CocoonTraum and Kompass labels and produced remixes for the likes of Alexander Kowalski, H-Man and Fuzzion. Supporting Extrawelt in the Theatre were residents Daniel Crocetti and Carlos Zarate.

After warming up at The Argyle in the rocks, we made our way over to the Civic Hotel and arrived to find the entire venue taken over by the Sweetchilli crew. At the side entrance around the corner many people were milling around out front, however we swiftly made our way downstairs, sorted out drinks and got comfortable for the night ahead. In the basement the sound was already pouring out of the crisp sound system in the main room with Carlos Zarate laying down some solid warm up tunes. His set was amazing and packed full of groove driven bass lines, warm echoed synth lines and just quite simply unbelievable driving tunes. This atmosphere got many people to wrap up their conversation and get straight down to the sunken dance floor which was already packed even before the start of Extrawelt’s set.

Before long it was time for the special guests to kick off their short but action-packed live set. Right from the start I was totally blown away by the raw power of the minimal techno sounds they were pumping out of their live setup. Each of the tracks was tightly constructed with some great builds and tight crisp percussion. The beauty of any live set is rather than having to hear, at best, edited versions of tracks the DJ wants to fit into the set, each track was sequenced specifically engineered for ultimate dance floor annihilation. Throughout the set the sequencing was precise and their relentless looping, gradually built into a huge wall of sound whenever the lads felt like working the crowd up into a manic frenzy. They also really mangled the cut offs and resonance filters on many of the bass and synth lines creating some head caving sounds that were more than appreciated by the crowd.

I could really go on for hours, and while the set flew by so quickly, many of us wished it could have gone on for hours.
The sound was dense, powerful and loud throughout and they even through in a few more melodic numbers in the second hour including one of their better known tunes SoopertrackFernwehH-Man – 51 Poland Street (Extrawelts DBL-Bass Remix) and the crowd pleasing tune The Leopard. As Extrawelt wrapped up the live set to a sea of applause throughout the main room, Sweetchilli resident Daniel Crocetti kept the vibe rolling as he kicked off the closing set. He belted out some huge tunes (and even a few older tunes if my memory serves me correctly) that were lapped up by the dance floor which was still going strong at this time of morning. We stayed for a while but at some stage decided to make a move home after what was an amazing night.

Overall, Extrawelt played a pretty mind blowing live set with the dance floor of the Civic staying jam packed throughout the night. It was awesome to hear a live set like this in such an intimate small gig atmosphere. Also the venue was packed out for a majority of the night and it is great to see lesser known acts getting this sort of support in Sydney. Props really must go to Carlos Zarate who busted an unbelievable set at the start of the night with some huge big room tunes that set the tone perfectly for Extrawelt especially in the last hour. The newly renovated interior really suits Sweetchilli’s style and hopefully there will be many more nights to come at the Civic. Make sure to make time to head to the next one where locals producers Jaytech and Matt Rowan are set to deliver a huge live set, with the ITM Christmas Party the week after that. More details, see you at the next one!

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Tevo Howard Thug Mixtape

Thug Tevo GU cover

To coincide with his latest 12″ for Thug Records, Tevo Howard has dropped the next chapter in the Ghetto Underground mix tape series. Covering 80′s & 90′s synth pop, italo disco and additional dance energy cuts. Tevo Howard has been Producing house music since 2005 and has been a DJ, off and on, since 1987. Runs Chicago based Label “Beautiful Granville Records” named after a three block stretch that he lives on in Chicago.

Ghetto Underground: ‘Granville’ Tevo Howard
Right click the link below and choose ‘Save’ to download GU007

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Abe Duque in Australia – Video Log

Abe Video log

Abe Duque came to sydney to tour for Swetchilli, and play at livewire at home nightclub back in 2008, this is his video log of his trip. Abe is a legend. Not only did he paly an awesome set he got his hands dirty helping us with postering a couple of nights and justing getting involved.  if you havent seen him before, then you should ! heres a little taste.

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Jimmy Van M, The Cross, September 2006

jimmy feature
26/09/2006 | The Cross | Support: Crispin, Robbie Lowe, Jeff Drake 

Sweetchilli; so hot right now. It seems as though it has been the benchmark of every club I have ever been to since my early days as a young, reckless hooligan. And given the many changes in my life since then, it seems as though no matter what happens, Sweetchilli will always be there. Like a proud parent embracing its children, even if those children are quite off their faces, it has brought us so many great memories. But putting aside all the sentimental crap, they really do know how to put on a fucking awesome party.

I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been like without Sweetchilli; probably extremely dull that’s for sure.This night in particular was held at the newly refurbished upper floor of The Bourbon, also known as ‘The Cross’, on Darlinghurst road. The wind had just decided to pick up and there I was, standing outside freezing my arse off waiting to get past the barricade of security, who at the time were trying to persuade a group of young tourists to enter the reverberating stairwell. Having breached the entrance and making my way upstairs, the sound of Jeff Drake stirring up the already packed dance floor alerted me to the fact I needed to get a drink as quickly as possible and continue into the main room. Just in time, Jeff Drake drops one of my new favourite tracks, Spirit Catcher’s remix of Satoshi Tomeii’s ‘Glow’, I was so excited. Although after this something came to my attention this night in particular, and that was that I hardly knew any of the tracks played throughout the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to a lot of music, but it goes to show you there’s just so much good stuff coming out at the moment. Especially in the world of 1001 genres of electronic music, it certainly is a pleasure to be shown some music that isn’t the latest song by Shannon Noll (although ‘Lonely’ is quite a touching addition to his growing selection of timeless classics).

Enough about that, the man of the moment was indeed Mr. Jimmy Van M, who graced us with his ability to get the crowd cheering, hands in the air, for almost every track he played. It just kept building and building every single time and the atmosphere was just fantastic! The crowd once again as always were a fun bunch of Sweetchilli lovers, with lot’s of familiar faces throughout. I somehow managed to have a chat with some of them in between the absolute madness coming from the soundsystem, most of whom would disappear only for me to find them retreating to the double bed in the other room. I don’t care if it was comfortable, it’s just plain rude! The best part of the night for me had to be when everyone was trying to squish up to the front of the room when Jimmy played the Wrecked Angle remix of ‘Age of Love’, to which was then followed by ‘Love Stimulation’ by Humate. There was certainly a lot of love in the room, and that is why everyone just keeps coming back for more. It’s very touching.

As for the new venue I had heard so much about, it really is a great home for Sweetchilli. It has a great main room and the sound is not too bad either, not to mention the bigger selection of drinks. I was very pleased to get my hands on a bottle of Asahi, it has to be one of my favourite beers. In conclusion, I would like to thank Jimmy Van M and all of the locals who brought us a fantastic selection of music to shake our buts to. I would also like to thank the entire inthemix bunch who always make it such a pleasure to be there. Last but not least, thankyou again Sweetchilli for another great night of seriously hot music!

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