Dave Seaman Renaissance Tour. March 20 – 24


Dave Seaman returns to tour for Sweetchilli in March in support of his upcoming 9th mix CD release for Renaissance. 

A total legend, he has done more mix album releases for Renaissance than any other DJ and he continues to be spot on.  



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MOS Classics feat. Sweetchilli

 After being couped up with the rellies over Christmas no doubt youll be desperate to flee for the hills by the time Boxing Day rolls around. So do yourself a favour and flee to Sounds!

Ministry of Sound

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Reno and Foundation play Sweetchilli

 Two of Sydney’s brightest young house stars, Sweetchilli residents Tim Culbert and Carlos Zarate spearhead another wicked lineup this week down at The Civic Theatre!

Joining them on the night are first time sweetchilli DJ’s, Reno and Foundation playing a B2B set. After being billed for several of the same club nights and realising they mix and match their jams the way that

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Revenge of the Chin

A long time ago, on a jaw far, far away… Carlos Zarate has returned to his home planet of Ballchinian in an attempt to rescue Crispin from the clutches of the vile intergalactic pirate known only as the Godfather (Daniel Crocetti). Little does Carlos know that the Galactic Empire

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Join the Sweetchilli group on Facebook

Hi Guys, were on Facebook too… started by one of our favorite people Kimberley, the groups called "Sweetchilli Rocks MY World" heres what she says "Quite simply Sweetchilli rocks my world.

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Sweetchilli and ITM team up for Xmas

Sweetchilli and inthemix have put our heads together and come up with the ‘Smirnoff inthemix Sweetchilli christmas party’ – hard to say, but easy to do.

Held over 2 levels at the Civic Hotel, line up will include the much-loved Sweetchilli residents: Robbie Lowe, Carlos

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Matt Rowan and Jaytech get LIVE.

Having met in 2004, Matt Rowan and Jaytech are a duo that are very quickly becoming synonomous with the worlds leading DJs. Their productions rate highly amoungst the world’s DJ elite – Sasha, Cattaneo, Warren, Van Dyk et.al. with many of their tracks featuring on quality compilations.

Hailing from Australia’s capital Canberra, James Cayzer’s musical pedigree extends way back to his early years as a concert pianist and composer. However at the tender age of 14, Jimbo commenced work on his first digital production and hasn’t looked back since. After the initial success of “Music 101’ and his remix of Lens’ “Let The Light

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EXTRAWELT to Play Sweetchilli

Their sound incorporates minimal, progressive and techno, aimed squarely at blowing holes in sound systems. With more than 10 Original Productions and dozens of remixes, Extrawelts’ tank-like driving bass lines, powerful drum beats and blend of menacing, droning, echoing synths are impressing everyone from your 8 year old sister to some of the most prolific DJs in the world including Sasha, John Digweed, James Holden and Sven Vath. 

Early on, Extrawelt’s productions quickly caught the ear of James Holden, who signed their first

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Sweetchilli Launches Weekly – Fridays @ Civic

We have a plan! We think its a pretty good plan… the goal is get all the music we love and create a place that is strictly about the party, where open minded individuals from an array of different scenes will want to be week after week. We want to open up the cities underground and celebrate all forms of music while still keeping the Sweetchilli ethos that has helped us be so successful in the past. Friendly faces, good attitudes, quality music and great production.

We have 4 initial concepts that will rotate monthly or thereabouts with more on the drawing board so stay tuned and expect something exciting and a little different…

SWEETCHILLI: The one you know

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Balance 012 mixed by Lee Burridge

EQ Recordings continue onwards and upwards with their cult-like Balance series in an ever evolving manner bringing you the next instalment mixed by the wandering minstrel of dance music; Lee Burridge. Revered the world over for his eclectic track selection and seamless skills, it’s a genuinely difficult task to pinpoint Lee’s sound; – although according to the man himself its perhaps best described as wonky, wobbly, bassline-driven, trippy, melodic, nasty, gentle, deep, spacious, rocking and above all 100% cool!! Offering a premium selection of underground House, Lee’s DJ sets are never the same twice; they have to be heard to be believed; so, what better way to showcase this sublimely varied mixture of vibes than on a triple disc mix for one of the world’s leading compilation series, Balance!

Balance 012 mixed by Lee Burridge is a sublime a collection of house rhythms, techno beats and subtle melodies, culminating in a deep, beautiful, dark, trippy and wobbly soundtrack; Featuring a wide array of cutting edge artists including Martin Buttrich, Jose Padilla, Dennis Ferrer, H-Man, Paul Daley, Alexi Delano, Efdemin, Gabriel Ananda and more, this is a CD that will deliver the complete Lee Burridge experience in one package.

In a career that now spans two decades, Lee is a globally acclaimed DJ who regularly appears

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