Ivan Smagghe

ivansmagghe DJ

France’s most wanted radio host and selector, Ivan Smagghe stands at the crossroads between glamorous parisian hype and musical integrity.

His genre defying/defining production work originally in Black Strobe and now in It’s A Fine Line (who have recently finished Battant’s second LP, As I Ride with No Horse) has connected him to and garnered the praise of (amongst others) James Murphy, Trevor Jackson, Ata, Optimo and the aforementioned Weatherall. All fellow crusaders in the fight to prove that electronic music can be so much more than a one dimensional soundtrack for a night on the lash.

The success of his musical blog ‘a few things from Ivan Smagghe’ has generated a compilation series of edits for Paris uber-fashion store Colette. The first volume sold out in a couple of weeks. His project with Tim Paris, It’s A Fine Line, has already put out numerous remixes (from Superpitcher to the XX) and releases that can’t be pigeonholed (electro rockabilly on Kompakt to italo rickety disco on Marketing Music). Their new studio is now fully set for original music, remixes and production. Expect a lot more from them in 2012.

Aside from his A&R role for now 10 years old label Kill The DJ (who have released the first EP of RMVN, Ivan’s project with Roman Flugel), Ivan has also started solo work (a noted remix for Parisian label Meant) as well as more planned collaborations with musical friends (Ewan Pearson and Tiga being first on the list).

You can catch Ivan subverting the masses on any given weekend, all around the world.
Go to http://afewthingsfromivansmagghe.blogspot.com/ for more info, thoughts, and edits.

Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation DJ

Zombie Nation isn’t your run of the mill producer. In fact heʼs not your run of the mill
anything. From turning pre-historic video game soundtracks into top ten hits and
creating tracks from collages of weird sounds fans have penned, to donning
demented wigs while bouncing maniacally during his electrifying live sets – nothing
is too far-fetched for this man.

The artist formerly known as Splank, Florian Senfter has carved out one of the most
exciting and glaringly individual careers modern dance music has witnessed. Having
such success so early on with his first Gigolo release – the chart-smashing
ʻKernkraft 400ʼ – could so easily have gone straight to his head, but Flo was too
stubborn and single-minded to succumb to any material lure of permanent limelight.
Instead heʼs concentrated on painstakingly moulding one of the most unique sonic
characters around.

It was with 2006 album ʻBlack Toysʼ that he really nailed his signature sound. Dirty,
funk-fuelled analogue grooves laden with ingenious melodies and other-worldly
production techniques, delivered via a plethora of the most aurally orgasmic
outboard toys. That is the name of Zombieʼs game. 2009ʼs ʻZombieliciousʼ saw him
take this already feverishly dynamic blueprint and turn the distortion up to 11. The LP
was the unmistakable sound of a producer on top of his game and having a ball at
the same time.

This year has already seen a crazy flurry of activity – heʼs been busy in the studio
with close compadre and Turbo Records head, Tiga, concocting yet more dancefloor
dynamite for a new LP under their ZZT guise, as well as creating more incendiary
weapons to add to his Zombie Nation live show – which, if you havenʼt yet witnessed,
is the only way to fully experience the unbridled force of his insanely infectious
genius. It should also be said that Mr Zombie Nation doesnʼt use the term “live”
lightly, like so many producers do these days. Zombie Nation live is an orchestra of
vintage synths and controllers grinding and hollering to Floʼs frenetic yet magical

But his recent output hasn’t all been down to him. One of his latest and greatest is a
product of his embracing our planetʼs current social networking mayhem – his own
brand of “Internet Democratic Music.” Through his Facebook site he put the word out
to his fans to submit all manner of sounds and samples, and from these he created
the ground-breaking and aptly titled – ʻMinds of Manyʼ. And being such a success,
donʼt be surprised if another project crediting his now heaving entourage surfaces
very soon.

Suddenly a Zombie Nation of his very own looks to be a very real prospect…

Nic Fanciulli

nic fanciulli DJ

Nic Fanciulli is a DJ, producer and label owner who has remained one of the UK’s finest exports in electronic music throughout the last decade. A Grammy nominated producer, Nic has worked with artists as diverse as Underworld, Kylie Minogue, U.N.K.L.E, Loco Dice, Josh Wink and Tracey Thorn in addition to producing a plethora of solo club focused tracks that have achieved both critical and commercial acclaim. Now releasing on the likes of Rejected and Souvenir, Nic is responsible for a high output of a sleek, intelligent yet driving strain of house and techno.

Perhaps most significantly, Nic’s own Saved Records has become an important purveyor of international, underground house and techno. Having helped develop the imprint into a recognisable label since 2005, Nic and his clutch of impressive Saved artists have travelled the globe with the brand, spreading their musical manifesto far and wide. Always with a keen eye on bringing new talent through, Nic has used Saved as a platform to break new and exciting young producers as well as maintaining a desire to put out quality releases from other stalwarts of the scene. At only five years old, Saved is continuing to expand the legacy of Nic Fanciulli.

Jimi Polar

Jimi Polar DJ

Jimi Polar has been involved in the production of tech house and electronic music for almost a decade, setting up a studio in Byron Bay to produce music in collaboration with friends and DJ’s as they travelled through the vibrant village. It was here that he became part of the Junkbeats collective and met international producers from H-Foundation such as DJ’s Hipp-e and Halo.

The Junkbeats collective has had a string of releases, with the H-Foundation album drawing remixes from SWAG, Fred Everything and King Britt. The next step was to collaborate with these writers. Fred Everything launched his own label Lazy Days with a Junkbeats collaboration that ended up drawing a remix from Danish electro producer Trentem’ller.

Jimi Polar relocated to Sydney early in 2006, keeping up productions throughout the year with more than one trip to the US to collaborate on a series for NRK Sound Division with DJ Hipp-e, seeing his first international release as a remix artist on one of the featured 12 inches. Also notching up production credits for Tango and Detour.

Now focused on his solo productions, 2006 saw Jimi sign to Sydney label Future Classic, with his debut 12 inch ‘Monster Park’ released over Christmas with a remix from German producer Robert Babicz. Park has received glowing reviews both in Europe and Australia including a feature article in local magazine 3D World and a 4 star review in Germany’s de:Bug magazine.

Jimi Polar has also been taking up his fair share of remix work for his new label mates, having already turned his hand to the works of Melbourne’s T-Rek and Sydney’s Kidzen. As well as his remix duties he has been working closely with the rest of the Future Classic stable on the live front, cementing himself as part of Jamie Lloyd’s live show thus playing with Jamie Lidell on NYE at Mad Racket, joining Jazzanova/Clara Hill at the Sydney Festival and performing on the main stage at Melbourne festival Kiss My Grass playing to a crowd of 17,000.


supermayer DJ

(Aksel Schaufler & Michael Mayer)
Having collaborated on a handful of remixes — dating back to 1999, when they took on one of Vermittelnde-Elemente’s tracks on the Bruchstuecke label, while collecting work on Losoul’s “You Know,” Geiger’s “Good Evening,” and Gui Boratto’s “Like You” along the way — Michael Mayer and Superpitcher eventually produced tracks of their own together, resulting in the 2007 full-length Save the World. Released on Mayer’s Kompakt label, the schizophrenic and inconsistent album involved plenty of whimsical detours away from the producers’ past. Later in the year, the duo gained further notice by fashioning a 14-minute remix of Rufus Wainwright’s “Tiergarten,” made available on iTunes and as a limited white-label 12″.

Aksel Schaufler

Superpitcher grew up in the south of Germany, alone and lonely. He started to collect music at 16, seduced by the soft sounds of Prefab Sprout, Scritti Politti, and Roxy Music. A decade later he found himself working in the distribution department of KOMPAKT and found new heroes – Wolfgang Voigt, Chain Reaction, Joerg Burger and Air Liquide – men that linked his sonic youth and adult aspirations. Following the release of his landmark 2001 single, “Heroin” he gave up work, deciding to forge a new nocturnal lifestyle, increasing his DJing, steadied his socializing and worked on perfecting his studio production skills – nothing less than engulfing electronic pop and shimmering, glimmering techno. Today, Superpitcher has managed to accumulate a lovely discography of diversity including his unforgettable version of Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire”, the acclaimed full length “Here Comes Love”, the adored mix CD “Today” and remixes for many including Dntel, Quarks, M83 and DJ Hell. Now, together with Michael Mayer as Supermayer, he has no reason to ever feel alone again – they’ve had a phenomenal year following their breakthrough debut “Save The World” and remixing the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Hot Chip, Foals, and others just in 2008.

Superpitcher keeps on a constant touring schedule and has just released his sophomore studio album “Kilimanjaro” on Kompakt

Michael Mayer

As a DJ, producer and remixer, Michael Mayer remains one of Germany’s core celebrities in dance music. It’s no secret that he spends his weekends traveling around the globe. It’s likely throughout his career he’s played in front of millions. Then, as a co-owner of Kompakt, he spends his weekdays deciding what will be released on the label and working with the label’s artists and overseeing Kompakt’s distribution wing – the home of over 50 record labels. Amazingly enough, he manages to sneak into the studio on occasion to produce his own music and remix the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Foals and Rufus Wainwright. And of course there is Supermayer but more on that later. It’s safe to say he loves being challenged and regardless of the pressure is never putting less than 100% of his heart and soul into everything he does.

Born in 1971 in the Black Forest, he was exposed to DJing as a young teen when he befriended a neighborhood DJ and light designer who gave him mix tapes and snuck him into the local club. “The image of someone standing behind the turntables is carved into my memory. I knew at once that was what I wanted to do”. Taking up the trade of a paperboy a wee 14 year old Mayer managed to earn enough for turntables and a mixer. Soon after, he was the star of the school dance and maestro for the local birthday parties. At the tender age of 18, Mayer graduated to the world of disco and became Saturday night resident of Achern’s leading club at the time, Why Not. Sadly short-lived, Michael’s musical tastes didn’t match the crowd’s bid for commercial cuts and so he was banished to peruse more “underground” projects.

By this time it’s the early ’90’s and dance music couldn’t be any bigger. Michael joins up with a local DJ adversary, Tobias Thomas and two other friends to create the DJ team, Friends Xperiment Sound System. The team dissolved due to Thomas moving to Cologne and the others to Berlin leaving young Mayer to decide between province or capital. Cologne wins and withTobias Thomas reinvent Friends Xperiment but commit to a straight 4/4 – house and techno mandate. It runs like wildfire, playing all over town which included a residency at the legendary IZ club – Cologne’s community hub of that time.

By 1993, Cologne had become Mayer’s second home. A huge reason for this was the record store Delirium. A cocky Mayer was quick to tell the owners Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt, Jürgen Paape, and Jörg Burger how dismal their record selection was. His egg’ing on ended up earning him a job and a respect from his peers. Within that year he would become a co-owner and buyer for the shop. Over the next 5 years, Michael continued to thrive from his DJing, performing now in different cities – motivated by the birth of minimal techno and the tidal wave of innovative music that was coming out of Cologne at that time. Much of which came from his Delirium partners. He would also start producing his own music…

1998 would be a pivotal year for Mayer and his colleagues – most significantly the birth of Kompakt but many concepts and ideas are professionally realized. Mayer together with Reinhard Voigt and Tobias Thomas united in the studio to record the full length Geben und Nehmen (Ladomat) as Forever Sweet. By this time Friends Xperiment had evolved to a series of parties called Lichtblick (together with Thomas and Riley Reinhold – now of Traum/Trapez fame). This would come to an end due to the inception of the now legendary weekly party Total Confusion at Studio 672. As a reaction to the state of the business and label politics the owners of Delirium felt the need to create their own arm of support for the music community. Kompakt was born – inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory, Kompakt was the realization of creating a complete outlet for creative freedom in the music business and today boasts a label, record store, distributor, recording studios and booking agency. Michael’s first mix CD Kompakt Köln Presents Michael Mayer (Neuton) would herald this new age for Cologne electronic music.

With Total Confusion, Michael Mayer and Tobias Thomas established arguably the longest running club night in Cologne. Bringing with it is a unique formula for club culture that remains unrivaled and remains uncompromised. From the warm-up to the ecstatic peak, Total Confusion’s focus is on the dramaturgy, and not only includes techno, house and ambient music, but also aspects of pop and even R&B. “The most wonderful challenge is to combine great party music as undogmatic as possible, and to find an aesthetic link between different music styles” states Mayer. Total Confusion was the stepping stone for Mayer’s international DJ career. In 1998, Mayer becomes resident DJ at one of Barcelona’s most beautiful clubs, Nitsa as well as at Geneva’s Weetamix. From there more Mayer/Kompakt residencies shortly followed which he holds to this day amongst them Robert Johnson in Offenbach, Fabric in London and Berlin’s Berghain/Panorama Bar. The result is a network of locations and clubs that Mayer appreciates due to the fact ” you can influence the club’s style – and basically, it me attempting to export the Total Confusion party model into another club.”

2002 brought the release of Immer – heralded as one of the decade’s most essential mix CD’s by the likes of Pitchfork, FACT and Resident Advisor. His flawless mix proclaimed a new dawn for techno and house. His 2003 mix CD for Fabric again proved that Michael was beating a different drum compared to the rest of the pack. He had finally brought the sound of Kompakt to a global level that had never been accomplished until that point.

Due to the numerous worldwide DJ gigs and responsibilities at Kompakt, Michael Mayer only finds time for his own productions at irregular intervals. Following a slew of 12” releases, in 2005 he took the time off to produce his debut album Touch. In the age of post minimal, Touch combines different aspects of house, techno, and even cosmic disco which Mayer relates to his ties with early italo-disco. Touch was an accomplishment of Mayer uniting a lifetime of influences. He was especially drawn to his childhood heroes Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis who were responsible for the sound of Alexander O’Neal and the S.O.S. Band, The Steve Miller Band, and Alan Parsons Project. But Mayer’s intention was never to load his own music with references, as is so commonly practiced in electronic music. Regardless if you are influenced by other people’s music when creating your own sound, Michael Mayer strongly feels that “DJ music in particular is all about updating tradition – to look ahead and in the past, both at the same time”.

He takes his remixes just as seriously and regardless if it’s Miss Kittin or Depeche Mode, he carries through with endearing qualities that resonate like a signature regardless of the style of music he brings to the remix. Mayer is renown for converting the mood and meaning of the original to it’s opposite. A great example would be his now classic cover of Sade “Love Is Stronger Than Pride” – a friendly cocktail ballad contorted into a hard and sinister “schaffel” techno tune.

2007 was the year of Supermayer. Following a string of remixes for Losoul and Geiger, the friendship and musical connection between Superpitcher and Michael Mayer reached it’s fruition. Their playfulness and open spirit in music, freedom and hilarity was embraced by the public with their debut full length Save The World. Michael recalls “Supermayer is like Alice In Wonderland. A door opens up and you enter a world where you can do anything you like”. Their celebrated album brought forward an elaborative a/v live show (for the first time ever) taking them to numerous festivals including Coachella, Fiber Fib and Primavera Sound.

Though he remains dedicated to the 4/4 kick drum, Michael Mayer is by no means a techno purist but is constantly striving to look beyond one’s own nose, to shift frontiers and to go in depth. His compassion to the scene, devotion to music and his craft as a DJ and producer has set him in a standard that few have been able to accomplish. “A DJ has a certain responsibility. He has to play progressive, contemporary music and combine it with the past. It is all about entertaining people, but you must not under challenge nor overstrain them. You must be subversive and play music that no one would have ever dreamt of listening to voluntarily at the club. You are both, entertainer and educator.”


solead DJ

Charles and Vincent are 2 producers from Paris. Their Solead project is a culmination of years of musical association.

Why the Solead project ? Charles and Vincent have a long-standing friendship, that has seen them collaborate musically in a variety of different styles and mediums from very early on in their careers. Extensive theoretic training gave way to playing guitar & keyboard in rock bands and finally gave way to electronic music production. After a successful career in a design agency, Vincent moved into music production with several successful solo projects. Charles also followed this route, with his background in cinematography still coming in handy in his current career as a Mastering engineer.

From 2000 onwards, between them as separate projects they have produced 4 albums and more than 80 tracks, establishing them as some of France’s most respected electronic musicians. The Solead project was created to combine their knowledge of electronic music production and to feed their love of music. Since beginning to work together again, they have become a favourite of DJs worldwide with remixes from the likes of Beauty School (ex E.M.F band), Deepchild, Moonbeam, Animaltek, and dancefloor stompers like 3rd Contact (released on Vitalic’s label Citizen), the “Mola” Ep played by Thomas Schumacher and Minilogue, and reaching the top of the charts with the remix they did for Fingertwister of “I remember jah” on Chillosophy Music.

They are respected for the great diversity of their music from Techno & House to downtempo music. They have already caught the attention of respected artist in a wide range of style : such as Vitalic and his label Citizen, John Digweed (Giddy Down rmx on Transitions 3 compilation), Jamie Stevens from Infusion, Damian Lazarus, Bloody Mary, Kasey Taylor, Boris Brejcha (who did a remix)… and labels such as Metroline Limited, Vapour, Renaissance, Beef, Chillosophy Music, Subsonic, and of course Tree Hand Music, their own label. With many upcoming releases and major festival gigs at events such as the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, they have performed live sets all around the globe, in Europe, South Africa, North and South America, Asia & Australia- they are no doubt one of the names to watch in 2009 and beyond.

Years of studio experience and musical association has combined together to make the Solead one of the truely innovative acts of the global electronic music scene.

Mark Dynamix

Mark Dynamix DJ

Of course none of this would mean anything if he didn’t have talent. Mark’s expertise with the decks combined with an inspired track selection works alchemy on a room full of clubbers, swaying anyone within earshot to become a dedicated dance music aficionado. His ability to discover and develop the next sound is unparalleled in Australia, and the rise of Minimal and Electro in Australia can in part be attributed to his continual endorsement and personal affiliation with the genres. Regarded and awarded as the hardest working DJ in the industry, Mark is dutiful in his approach to deejaying; continually pushing the boundaries with his unique sound and educating Australians about underground electronica. Mark’s deejaying is more than finding the right tunes or playing solid sets of house, minimal or techno; Mark knows how to pull it all together and how to turn a DJ set into an experience.

Marks success as a DJ has been equaled by his original productions. Mark was awarded 5th Best Producer in Australia at the ITM50 Awards in 2007, voted by the public. “IDentify Me” (no.6 Aria Chart), was playlisted on high rotation on Triple J and was licensed locally and internationally to numerous compilations including The Annual in Germany & Australia and Ageha in Japan as well as Triple J’s own “Home & Hosed” CD. His second single “Destructor” showcased a more minimal electro sound and reached no.5 on the Aria Chart. He’s added his remix touch to Datarock’s “I Used To Dance With My Daddy” as well as Mashtronic’s “Earthquake” which achieved chart success in the US, where it debuted at no.1 on the Balance Record Pool Chart. Mark & Jaytech’s tracks have been remixed by Mashtronic, Jono Fernandez, Nick Galea & Matt Nugent, Daniel Taylor, Chopstick, and DJ DLG with more remixers to hand their touch to his forthcoming singles.

His new label “Long Distance Recordings” will be launched later in 2008 featuring tracks he’s produced with Namito from Great Stuff recordings and Chopstick & Johnjon from Criminal Records. Also, another collaboration with Jaytech called “Moment Of Confusion Between Man & Dog” will appear shortly alongside “What U Do to Me” featuring vocals from David Morales lead vocalist Alexandria.

In latter half of 2007 Mark resided in the world’s electronica hub, Berlin; which has greatly increased Mark’s profile in Europe. Using Germany as a base Mark played gigs across Europe including Fluid in London, Naughty in Brussels, Weekend in Berlin and Climax in Stuttgart. And earlier in 2008, a sold out tour of Canada ensured his popularity is on the rise in North America also.

Overseas and domestically, Mark has hosted a long list of radio shows over the years, a medium that has enabled Mark to continue his unadulterated education of underground sounds to his dedicated fan base; and recently Mark was the official DJ of the 2007 MTV AVMAs; an event hosted by Fergie featuring Pink, Good Charlotte and Silverchair. It was the first time the privilege had been extended to an Australian DJ.

Since 1997, Mark has toured Australia and New Zealand relentlessly and continues to do so. International gig highlights include the Love Parade in Berlin, the Hultsfred Festival in Stockholm, The End in London, Fabric in Vancouver and Mambo in Ibiza.

Number 5 ITM50 Best Australian Producer 2007
Number 4 DJ NSW Technics InTheMix Awards 2007
Number 1 highest selling compilation in Australia 2006
Number 3 DJ Aust. Technics InTheMix Awards 2005
Number 2 DJ Aust. Technics InTheMix Awards 2004
Number 2 DJ Aust. Technics InTheMix Awards 2003
Nomination Best DJ Australia DMA 2003
Nomination Best DJ People’s Choice NSW DMA 2003
Number 1 Best DJ 3D World Magazine 2002
Number 2 Best DJ 3D World Magazine 2001

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Alex mac

Alex Mac DJ

As a Classical trained pianist, and conservatorium student in jazz studies, Alex’s passion for music runs deep. An advocate for all things house, he seeks to gain melodic groove by modulating each track in its respective key signature, creating a more musical approach. He draws inspiration from ,Herbie Hancock Dj Garth, Julias Papp, James Zabeila, Eric Morillo and Roger Sanchez. In the last 4 years he has played in the majority of bars and clubs around Sydney, and also put keyboard to Craig Obey’s remixes (wicked beat sound system and Steve’silk’ Hurley) and TAG mixes as heard on the ‘Lo-Tide, Hi-Tide Bondi FM Compilation’.Alex enjoys entertaining a crowd with upfront music, but brings a different approach to djing from a musicians perspective. As a weekly ARIA Dj chart returner, his chart along with some of Australia’s best Dj’s compile the weekly top 50 club chart. He’s currently does guests spots at Sweetchilli, Sublime, the Roxy(Sunday social) and Sounds on Sunday and regular gigs at Empire, Bungalo 8, The Palace, Home Bar . You can also catch him on Friday afternoons from 4-6 on the 3D world show alongside Daniel Newling on Bondi FM 88.0 .


jilbert DJ

2000 saw the debut of Jilbert at the popular Underground Cafe, and for this determined dj, it was only the beginning of bigger and better things. This is one self-proclaimed up-and-comer with a taste for the funky things in life, and then there’s his music… His style can be described as (quote) “deep, funky, soulful, and percussive sexy house,” and those who have seen him at Transmission, Fourplay, Heaven, Zen or winning the Sydney Uni DJ comp will know and realise what all the fuss is about.

Mark Murphy

mark murphy DJ

Mark Murphy has become one of Sydney’s leading djs, groundbreaking in his party promotions and even more so with his barrier-breaking musical style. He was at the forefront of the electro explosion and has championed the revival of the 303 and the burgeoning rave-influenced sounds coming out of Europe.

Mark Murphy’s first gig was a residency at the now infamous Ffierce parties at Club 77, the Roof (Palladium) and Arq. He then went on to play at nearly every major party and club in Sydney.

Highlights have been many including Mardi Gras 2001, Sleaze Ball 2000 & 2002, Inquisition IX at the Hordern, Earthdance, Field Day 2005 & 2006, The Big Day Out 2004, 2005, 2006 and Australia wide Tour 2007, We Love Sydney at Luna Park, Tiga at Home 2005 and he has supported a swag of internationals including playing after Carl Cox last year and alongside Richie Hawtin, Thomas Schumacher, Michael Mayer, Sasha, Digweed, 2Many DJs, Tiefschwarz, The Glimmers, Ewan Pearson and the list goes on and on.

His style of music has progressed from acid trance to tribal techno to electro, German tech to acid, electro & tech house. Now being championed for his rave electro sound, a sound which has seen him play at the legendary Honkytonks and Seven in Melbourne as well as regularly being booked to play other leading underground club nights through out Australia.

Marks party promotions are note-able to say the least, He put on 2000’s New Year’s Eve’s Screw2000 @ the Metro with UK’s Max Alien headlining. He was also involved in putting on the Sleaze 1998 recovery Woof @ 77 and the Bombed parties which had residencies at the Icebox, 77, and Blackmarket. He also collaborated on a party called Maggot at Angel Place which featured UK DJ RR Fierce.

His Strudel night, which began in 2002 with the help of best friend, Fraulein Juleigh, was the first to incorporate the look and feel of electro and has now become legendary in Sydney nightclub history, even getting a nod from dance magazine 3D as runner-up club night of the year in 2003. The party was first held at the Phoenix Bar and moved on to Club 77 where it played host to its second birthday as well as a special live performance from French electro wiz Vitalic and a seminal dj set from German label Get Physical’s head honcho, Dj T. He also collaborated on the 2004 New Year’s Eve party featuring Miss Kittin and Dj T at Gas and Bohem. His acid house night Flipper was a huge success and his recent night Dyscopath played to a packed house at the Civic and looks set to continue into 2006.

He started producing music and collaborated with fellow djs Lanny K and Miss Yetti on a track called ‘Maggot’ for their local label Ear Pimp Music. A second track, ‘Rubber’, was released earlier in the year. The first was featured on the compilation ‘Ah-Tchoo’.

He has produced his own radio show called Techno Slut with a friend for the now defunct Rhythm FM and has also appeared on 2SER, DEX FM, Free Fm, Wild FM, Out FM, FBI & Triple J. He also writes a column for Sydney dance newspaper 3D called Hottie.

Mark now co-owns one of the leading record stores in Sydney called Spank Records in Surry Hills and previously managed Sydney’s most respected underground dance music store, Reachin Records.

Mark is one of the most booked ‘in Sydney today he plays an array of leading venues and parties from Sweetchilli, Sounds, Kink, The Laundry, Porno Combo, Home nightclub, Electric Disco , YU, Havana and Fuzzy’s Killer nights. Mark has just released his first mix CD alongside Freeform Five, The compilation ‘Killer’ is available Australia wide from all good music vendors.

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