Luke Chable


“Woo-ha!” – Al Pacino

Al Pacino’s exclamatory trademark was inspired after hearing Luke Chable’s ‘Sealer’s Cove’ in a NYC nightclub. Fact.

Who would have predicted that a former bingo-MC would go on to write a plethora of records that would send DJs, fellow producers, journalists, clubbers, and ol’ Scarface into a frenzy?

In 2003, Luke Chable has defied the set path that life had set out for him. Sentenced to a lifestyle of Friday nights spent hollering “legs eleven”, “two little ducks 22” in an unforgiving blue suit, by the age of 19, he knew that there was more to the entertainment world than the endless halls of harsh neon lights.

And so came his first record, ‘Accelerator’ (Traveller presents Quest), with which Luke just didn’t enter meekly into the heady world of dance music, but booted the door down. 8 compilation licenses, 4 sold-out pressings and a silly number of chart placements later, the music industry was making Luke offers he just couldn’t refuse.

Not quite ready to strike out solo, Luke began to amass a discography littered with collaborations. Working with esteemed producers Phil K, Ivan Gough, Austin Leeds, Martin Accorsi, Nubreed, PQM and Cass, the monikers are as endless as the sequels are scarce, but one thing’s for sure: each release has made the anoraks go beserk in true lock up your daughters fashion.

Having now just unleashed his solo efforts on both Zero Tolerance (Luke Chable) and Vapour Recordings (Quest), the quality that ‘Eat Static’, ‘Sealer’s Cove – Midnight In Cyberfunk’ and ‘Bitter & Twisted’ have delivered promise to continue the likes of Deep Dish, Sasha, John Digweed and Danny Howells all quicken their step to the post office box in the hope of more promos.

With SAW Recordings, Yoshitoshi, Inversus, Vicious Vinyl, EQ, Release and Sumsonic all well and truly on the Luke Chable bandwagon with demand for his increasingly busy remix schedule, it’s unlikely that the precocious 23 year old will ever have to press palm with the grandmas over shandies to make ends meet ever again. Cast your eyes over the discography and agree. Woo-ha indeed.

Lexicon Avenue

Lexicon Avenue DJ

Lexicon Avenue, the DJ and production team is made up of Scott Bradford and Chris Scott.

The duo have been keeping the North of England’s clubbers moving for over a decade with their close involvement with the legendary Shindig club night, the Newcastle based team also spin the world over and produce tracks and remixes for a multitude of labels. Including Scott’s Forensic label which was founded in 1997 and has been going from strength to strength since the first Lexicon release, ‘Hear I Am’, and with releases and remixes on Satoshi Tomiie’s SAW Recordings, Hooj, Renaissance, Yoshitoshi and Credence, Lexicon Avenue’s reputation as the one of the hottest production teams on the block is assured.

Lexicon Avenue have been around in some way, shape and form for the last 10 years, and as individuals, boast a huge CV of production and DJ credits. Scott Bradford, founded the legendary Shindig night that has played host to a Who’s Who of International DJ talent. Associated with such a clubbing institution, Lexicon Avenue have landed DJ gigs abroad in Japan, South America, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Croatia, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Jakarta, Dubai, India, Israel, Norway, Ibiza as well as Stateside trips to San Francisco, LA, Miami and New York.

Aside from Lexicon, Scott Bradford & Chris Scott partner each other on the New Phunk Theory, Little Green Men and Third Movement projects as well as recording with Satoshi Tomiie as Fishead. whilst Chris also, fronts the hugely popular Echomen & Mooncat projects with Anton Fielding, and have released some killer EPs on the Hooj and The End labels. Scott has also teamed up with Choo Choo records head honcho Barry Gilbey to record using the alias Bush People and fellow shindig resident Mark Lowry as Damaged People and S-Low, all released on Forensic Records. As well as the busy recording and DJing schedule Scott also finds time to record monthly radio mixes which are broadcast across the globe in countries such as Argentina, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Spain Italy and has his own monthly Proton Radio show “Forensic sessions” starting September 2008.


Infusion DJ

Australian trio Infusion have been plumbing the depths of historical musics and plundering the annals of electronic music royalty to make truly futuristic transcendental dance for nigh on a decade now. Manny Sharrad, Frank Xavier and Jamie Stevens have expanded minds, built bridges and been adorned with affection from Wollongong to Williamsburg and back with their uniquely placeless, always evolutionary approach to dance music.

All Night Sun Light is Infusion’s new album, and just when it feels like there’s no more avenues for an act of their pedigree to go down, they’ve flipped and gone down one you never expected but always wanted them to take – the modern pop superhighway.

Comprising 11 concise, shimmering exemplary displays of machine pop, Infusion’s brand of dance has always dabbled in the pop world, but on All Night Sun Light they’ve wholeheartedly plunged in, while still engineering a sound completely at home in the dark world of strobes and sweat.

After their last album, the award winning Six Feet Above Yesterday, Infusion spent the better part of 3 years taking that record to the people, touring extensively not only around Australia but also traipsing through Europe, North and South America, and Asia. They also lent their definitive touch to remixes of artists including The Cure, The resultant album we now have in our hands is one that reeks of travel and experience, both geographical and psychological.

2 Player Game opens the suite with a sinister synth line before settling into the kind of groove Depeche Mode would die for, All That’s In Your Head is the pulsing electropop heartbeat of a wasted romance, while Falling Into Place feels like the long, dark walk home from the night of your life. Gotta Leave Now is an ecstatic triumph, possibly the most irrepressible future pop dart in this impressive records artillery. Head Over Heels comes out of the blocks feeling like T-Rex and clocks in at just a shade of 2 minutes, a completely unexpected but completely new and welcome level of succinctness from a band who’s first breakthrough single, Spike, clocked in around the 6 minute mark.

Again written and produced by the band themselves in just about every studio, bedroom and shed that would take them between Melbourne, Sydney, Angelsea, The Mornington Peninsula, Brighton UK and Los Angeles, All Night Sun Light was then shipped to James Brown [no, not that one – assistant to Alan Moulder, Trent Reznor etc] in New York, who mixed the record in Phillip Glass’ Looking Glass Studios.

Of the resulting opus, singer Manny Sharrad says: “We are definitely very happy with the album and the way it’s turned out. It’s been a very long and hard road in making this album ourselves but having complete control meant we achieved everything we wanted to with it. It was great working with the Victoria Philharmonic Orchestra, Kram – who did some drumming along with T-Rek, our guitarist friends and a big brash brassy band we used for Memory Cheats. We also were lucky to have the film scoring talents of Rajan Kamahl and Jono Fernandez to assist in the string arrangements in the more epic tracks such as Falling Into Place and Horizons.”

So confident are they in the new record, Infusion have taken back complete control of their own destiny and will release All Night Sun Light independently.

Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge DJ

My biography by me:

I’ve been a DJ since December 26th 1984 when I started a mobile disco for weddings, birthday parties and the like.

I played lots of pop music including Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys until discovering house music in the late 80′s.

I went to a lot of parties in fields and clubs and fell in love with dance music (and a voodoo woman named Phyllis).

I moved from the UK to Hong Kong in 1991 (which isn’t in Japan, as lots of journalists seem to think).

(I like using parenthesis).

I helped build up a crazy underground scene in HK between 1991-97 as no one was playing dance music there.

I also spent a lot of time from 1992 onwards playing at the full moon parties in Thailand as no one was playing records there either.

I moved back to the UK in 1997 and teamed up with Craig Richards and Sasha to play at the Tyrant parties in London and Nottingham.

I slept on a trolley in Craig’s studio for a while but eventually got a real bed.

I released two super Tyrant mix CDs with Craig.

I have also released four other mix CDs including two for Global Underground and one for Balance which I love.

I play many, many crazy clubs all over the world each year and usually end up DJing in someone’s living room or garden (weather permitting).

I play at festivals such as Coachella, Love Parade, Exit, Creamfields, Notting Hill Carnival and enjoy camping.

I often get asked by journalists to describe what type of music I play.

I don’t know is the answer.

I launched my 365 project in June 2005. It was really fun and unbelievably interesting.Why don’t you ask me about it.

I mostly play records but sometimes play CDs.

I don’t take my computer clubbing.

I like making records with silly titles.

I don’t ever seem to get round to releasing them though.

I can’t play the piano.

I can play the triangle.

I have been in the DJ mag poll at number 10, 27, 31, 56, 76 and 88 but still feel exactly the same.

I was number ten on Resident Advisors top 100 DJ’s in 2008 but failed to turn up in DJ mags one.

I think if you need to know any more odd little details, this interview is the one to read.

I have lied once (or was it twice?) in this biography.

I love you.

History of Sweetchilli

The Crew

Formed in 2000, Sweetchilli Events is run by Crispin Kerr, Daniel Crocetti & Carlos Zarate. Their hard work and forward thinking over 10 years helped establish Sweetchilli as one of the leading promotional teams in Australia’s electronic music scene.With over 25 years combined experience in event promotion, coupled with Daniel’s skill as a graphic artist, Sweetchilli is a dynamic team with a track record of promoting highly successful and quality dance oriented events and DJ tours.

Sweetchilli specialised in promoting music events & club nights throughout Sydney with an emphasis on quality music, attention to detail and professionalism.
Over the years, Sweetchilli was invited to team with major clubbing brands including Melbourne’s Future Entertainment (Future Music Festival, Two Tribes), Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, Pacha & Renaissance.

The company evolved significantly in later years. When a touring arm was introduced in late 2004 raising the company’s profile worldwide. We are proud of our longterm association with Melbourne based distribution and production company Stomp, handling the Australasian tours for the world renowned Balance compilation series for several years.
Artists including Paolo Mojo, Steve Porter, Desyn Masiello, Luke Fair, John Askew, Slacker, Petter Lexicon Avenue, Jimmy Van M & Dave Seaman, Abe Duque have all enjoyed successful tours managed by Sweetchilli.Visit the past events section section for a list of all past Sweetchilli event and tours.

Sweetchilli wound down at the beginning of 2010, as Crispin and Daniel decided to take some time out from weekly events. Carlos Zarate continues his work in the scene now with his successful Thug records label and Thug Nights Events. Daniel works in advertising and still plays occasionally at events around Sydney and Crispin has had 2 Daughters since then, so things are really different.

Looking forward, we hope to put on a few exclusive parties, and play a few gigs, and hopefully the reunion party you keep asking for will come together soon. We are rebuilding our website to realign it with what we are doing now, making it a place to come to relive some of the sweetchilli memories from the past 10 years, also to let you know those special nights when we are playing around town.

Trent Anthony

Trent Anthony DJ

Trent Anthony has been DJing since about 1995, but as history goes he played instruments, was in a couple of bands, wrote music, then after school experienced dance music. He met a couple of friends who were DJs and was really into what they were doing and developed a taste for dance music. After seeing John Digweed

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Ben Korbel

benkorbel DJ

Ben, from Sydney, spends half his year in Ibiza as resident DJ for We Love Space Sundays. He has also played at Pacha (Ibiza), Wonderland at Eden, T Bar (London), The Key (London), The Cross (London), The End (London), Weekend (Berlin), Mullet Over (after party), Angels Of Love (Naples), Stink (London) and many more. Ben was voted No.1 in Australia’s very first national DJ poll, the AUS DJ Top 20. When then started their National 50 the following year, Ben was voted No. 7 in the country.


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Abe Duque

abe-duque DJ


The name is pronounced “Du-kay”. He jokingly describes himself as one of the “few producers still licenced to use the 303”. But with a career that started in the early days of house at New York’s notorious Limelight, Abe Duque has been at the head of the acid-house and underground-techno table since his earliest releases way back in 1993.

His first tracks were influenced by the madness of the Limelight’s club-kid audience, later publicised by films and books like Party Monster and Clubland Confidential. But despite jokey titles like “Fantastico!!!”, “Truckers Choice” and “Vodka, you sweet companion,” his early tracks had the sophistication of his serious keyboard skills and a get-in-and-do-it-yourself aesthetic learned as a kid growing up in the suburbs in Hollis in Queens, New York.

From muscular and melodic techno to cocktail jazz and ambient interludes, his early tracks on his own labels Tension and Hollis Haus, his releases under pseudonyms like Kirilan, Super Secret Symphony and his releases on others’ labels like Disko B, Rapture!, Morbid, and Tresor captured a particular period of clubbing history bought to a sudden halt when the Limelight was closed down by the cops.

It was, Duque says, a great time for musical experimentation. Each month bought radical new types of music kit – much of which Duque still keeps in use in his underground studio “the Cave” – alongside an amazement of now classic tracks and new acts.

And as techno was almost exclusively made by working musicians, a lot of it was performed live. At Duque’s night at the Limelight night, Abuse Industries, he was part of regular performances with the live techno “chillout supergroup” the Rancho Relaxo Allstars, freeform jams which included now famous techno producers like Duque himself, John Selway and Deitrich Shoenemann. For a short spell, Duque was also the keyboard player for Program2, a techno band signed to Warners for an advance Duque still describes as “insane”.

Abuse Industries itself, meanwhile, was Abe’s collaboration with the artist Andy Orel, a night so strikingly visual and challenging that its visuals were exhibited in European museums, given page after page in Germany’s Raveline magazine,

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extrawelt DJ

Extrawelt/Midimiliz are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Rabe, both coming from the Hamburg rural area.

After enjoying electronic music more and more besides school, they became record collectors and DJs in the beginning of the nineties. Through that passion for vinyl, they also got to know each other much better.

In 1998, countless gigs and several studio collaborations later, they conquered some borrowed equipment and a Mac, which lead to severe addiction within short time!

Many releases and live gigs worldwide followed, under various project names like “Midimiliz”, “Spirallianz” or “The Delta” and “Downhill” with Marcus Maichel – the way to ‘Extrawelt’.
Once arrived, they released the highly successful single “Soopertrack” and “Zu Fuß” on James Holden’s label Border Community in May 2005.

Some important dates:

1977 Elmshorn

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Jimmy Van M


Over the last decade and a half few individuals could claim the type behind-the-scenes influence on American dance culture as Jimmy Van M. From his development of the booking agency known as Balance (now known as TCA), to his pivotal role in the formation of the Delta Heavy tour, his tireless efforts can be credited with having helped advance electronic dance music throughout the United States, opening avenues for artistic expression in dance-clubs that did not previously exist before him and his very unique efforts.

The Northern Exposure American Tour 1996, Twilo resident 1996-2000 and Delta Heavy 2001 is to name just a few of the residency or tour events that he has participated in an as artist… Global Gathering 2004, The 25,000 person NYE Millennium in Melbourne, Australia, The first ever Creamfields Russia as well as Creamfields Buenos Aires with 55,000 people in attendance would make up the short-list of some of the most important

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