Dave Seaman

Seaman DJ

Dave Seaman’s achievements have surpassed his ambitions somewhere along the Acid House Superhighway that is his life today, now entering his 20th year in the music industry having first joined DMC as a fresh-faced teenager from Leeds in October 1987. In the intervening years there’s not much he hasn’t done, from DJing at Stella McCartney’s birthday party to presenting programmes for the BBC and being profiled by Channel4 to featuring in a Levis’ ad campaign in Japan. He’s also released over 20 mix albums including the first legally licensed compilation ever (for Mixmag in 1991), 7 for Renaissance, 3 for Global Underground and 3 for his own Therapy Sessions brand. Plus, he was also the man who, as editor for 3 years from 1987 to 1991, turned Mixmag into the clubbers’ bible.

He is remixing royalty, as one half of Brothers in Rhythm (alongside Steve Anderson), having taken the faders for U2, Michael Jackson and David Bowie, and also produced the Pet Shop Boys and Kylie Minogue: “Confide In Me is the thing I’m most proud of,” states Dave. “To be working with Kylie, and to actually write, produce and remix it and see it go on to become an international hit was the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever worked on.” Brothers in Rhythm were also responsible for one of the first great British house records –Such A Good Feeling – a brash slice of piano heaven that lit up dancefloors and wound up in the Top 20.

Dave Seaman was born and raised in Leeds, leaving him with a solid base of common sense with which to negotiate the rocky waters of the music industry and an enduring affection (some might say affliction) for Leeds United FC. As an aspirant DJ and DMC member, Dave won a trip to New York, to the New Music Seminar, then the most important industry conference. Dave’s blagging abilities and Northern cheek impressed them mightily when he led his party past industry heavyweights queuing to get into Nell’s (he’d befriended the bouncer in the queue at MacDonalds!) and straight into the club. They offered him a job editing Mixmag on the spot. Dave’s contacts at Mixmag helped him secure his first DJ slot. When Mixmag photographer Gary McLarnan started a night in Longton, near Stoke called Shelley’s, Dave secured a monthly residency alongside a rising star from Wales called Sasha. Although Dave had been an aspiring DJ for several years already he had a small confession: “I’d never worked

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Steve Porter

Steve Porter DJ

The next generation of electronic music producers is gaining hold and leading the charge is DJ/production phenom STEVE PORTER. His prolific productions have garnered international attention and are propelling him into America’s future DJ-cum-producer star. Steve Porter is just released his first-ever mix compilation ‘PORTERHOUSE’ with 26 tracks melded together on 1xCD in his signature genre-defying, pulsating, energetic Porterhouse style. The album merges his DJing and production style with 9 of his own original tracks, further blurring the distinction between DJ and producer into one compelling artist to watch.

Once in a blue moon there comes along a prodigy that is noticed by the big guns and whose talent catapults them onto the world stage. Something of a child prodigy from a famous scientist father, Steve’s first love was discovering electronic sounds at 16 years old. From Boston to New York, Steve Porter

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Luke Fair

luke fair DJ

At the forefront of Canada’s growing dance scene is Luke Fair. He has performed at some of the most prestigious venues and events in the world, offering club goers a taste of his funky – techy eclectic house sound each and every weekend. His sets include everything from groovy house and techno to funky progressive and electro. Constantly re-editing tracks to customize his sets, Luke’s ongoing desire to make every set stand out from the others is very evident.

Luke has pushed his sound the world over, headlining at world renowned clubs like Pacha (Buenos Aires), Bedrock (London),

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Petter DJ

Petter is a 21 year old DJ and producer from Stockholm in Sweden who is fast forging his own unique niche in the musical spectrum. With four releases under his belt, the sublime ‘These Days’ on Holland’s Deep records and the two slices of loveliness-on-vinyl that was his ‘Six Songs EP’ for Border Community, aswell as the popular ‘Robotfood’ EP for Manual Music. Petter

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James Holden

James Holden DJ

the James Holden success story reads like a catalogue of contradictions. 2003’s collaboration with vocalist Julie Thompson, “Nothing”, was picked up by legendary UK house label Loaded, then hailed by trance legend Tiesto as his tune of the year (“This will become a true classic!” – Tiesto). Holden has remixed everything from quirky Cologne pop on Crosstown Rebels to mainstream dance pop on Positiva; New Order to Britney Spears; Black Strobe terror-electro to System 7 psy-trance and delicate Lo Recordings electronica; fast-rising young upstart Nathan Fake to Kirsty Hawkshaw’s timeless classic “Fine Day”. Meanwhile the chunky techno earthquake of “A Break in the Clouds”, the debut release on his own Border Community label, has become an underground European techno classic, still flying out of the warehouse over two years after release, and winning Holden a firm following amongst the ever forward-thinking German dance fraternity.

More recent developments on the studio front include new Holden & Thompson track “Come To Me”, out now on Loaded, and Holden’s “The Wheel”, featured on the seminal Cocoon Compilation E. A good fistful of sterling Holden remixes continue to do the rounds: the nintendo acid and trippy vocal mixes of Britney Spears’ “Breathe on Me”; a psychedelic electro-trance version of Nathan Fake’s “The Sky Was Pink”; the dancefloor dub

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Anthony Pappa

Anthony_Pappa DJ

Undoubtedly one of the worlds best DJ’s, Anthony Pappa returns to Sydney on Saturday 28th October to play Sweetchilli at The Basement. He’s been at the forefront of the international dance music scene for more than 10 years and having already acheived so much, it’s hard to believe Pappa is still only 33 years of age!

A DJ at the age of 13 and a DMC champion at 15, Anthony Pappa had more than a promising start to his career. By 19 he won a life changing competition in Mixmag, earning him his first trip to the UK for a gig at the prestigious Ministry of Sound.

Although these initial achievements promised great things, nothing could have serviced as an indicator for Anthony’s future as a world leader in dance music. At 21, the Australian

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Sari DJ

With consistent quality performances Sari has firmly made her mark on the sydney scene. Her incredible passion for music and ability as a performer made the move from the floor to behind the decks a natural progression. Drawing on influences from all styles of music Sari has forged her own sound which ranges from

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Paolo Mojo

paolo_mojo Dj

When people hear Paolo Mojo play, they get excited. It’s as simple as that. He’s quick to play down such talk; but the fact is he’s one of a select group of new breed DJs who have thrown the rule book out of the window, ignored what they are told is trendy and play it straight from the heart… mashing up genres and styles, cherry picking the best house and techno and all points in between and he does it with such panache it’s hard to resist.

As the scene has come full circle, diverse and creative DJing has become the watchword again, with crowds no longer willing to settle for hours of restricted, pigeon holed, boring music. Paolo instinctively understands this; listen to him and you hear disco, techno, funk, breaks, electro, soul, progressive house, techno, vocal garage. Whatever basically.

“I’ve never understood this ‘genre’ thing” he says. “To me the best DJs always select the best bits from a wide range of sounds and put them together in a way that just makes sense to people.”

It’s certainly making sense to lots of people at the moment. His genuinely innovative programming combined with a mesmeric technical ability see him move effortlessly through the entire house spectrum in his sets. And it’s marking him out as a genuine star for 2006 and beyond.

Snapped up by Sasha’s Excession agency at the start of 2005, on the back of some innovative productions and remixes, and one of the best essential mix debuts ever, he has seen his gig diary and name recognition go through the roof over the past 12 months.

He quickly became the man like’s chosen warm up DJ, touring with him across North America and Europe throughout 2005. As the year progressed, the warm up sets progressed to the occasional back to back set… in Scotland, Spain, Belgium and Morocco, a sure

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Matt Rowan

matt-rowan DJ

Matt Rowan’s DJ career spans two decades of house music and continues to grow and evolve today. Having commenced his first residency back in 1998, Matt has gone on to become a regular at many a Sydney nightclub and event.

A style that’s been described as “Bass-driven House Music” Matt’s sets incorporate a strong rhythmic and techy feel whilst remaining light hearted and funky: A combination which gets any dance floor moving! This dance floor oriented approach to set structure and programming, combined with deft skills, has seen Matt become resident

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Tim Culbert

TIm Culbert DJ

It’s Tim’s attention to detail when crafting his sets, coupled with incredibly fresh tunes that clearly sets him aside from other so-called ‘nubreed’ DJs. Playing a predominately tech house sound his sets incorporate house of all types, breaks and techno.

Tim’s talent has not gone unnoticed.

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