Dave Seaman, The Gaelic Club, January 2007


After a massive year in 2006, jam packed with superstar internationals playing across a number of venues, Sweetchilli continues to bust out some of the biggest names in dance music at their regular events. Saturday night was no different as the Sweetchilli crew featured at the Gaelic Club one of the most notoriously cheeky mainstayers of the progressive scene, Dave Seaman.

Seaman is without doubt one of Sydney’s most loved internationals, having played here on a multitude of occasions and regularly selling out events well in advance. His presence and attitude behind the decks have won him many fans and he always manages to generate an amazing atmosphere wherever he plays. With his involvement in the music industry stretching back over 20 years, he has accumulated some amazing career accolades including more than 20 mix compilations, countless productions, star-studded remixes and a plethora of original tracks. Despite this workload he also manages his label Therapy Music which has just released the new Thereapy Session 3 CD. Supporting him on the night was Future Music’s main man Mark James, all the way from Melbourne, as well as fan favourite Robbie Lowe and Sweetchilli resident Dan Crocetti.

After getting stuck into a bottle of wine and generally preparing for a good night out, we made the short trip over to the Gaelic Club. Not only is it a great looking venue inside, but parking also abounds in nearby streets. The venue is simply perfect for a huge night of music, featuring a massive and dark main room with high ceilings, and a balcony level that looks onto the main stage and dance floor from all directions. There is plenty of seating throughout the venue and other areas to chill out if you are looking to take a break from the main floor. Unfortunately we arrived too late to catch Robbie Lowe but judging by the energy on the dance floor as he finished up, he no doubt did another quality job at warming up the crowd.

Mark James was a surprise highlight for me with an absolutely thumping set full of quality progressive and driving melodic tunes. Towards the end there was even a glimmer of old-school progressive trance, with tasty layers of synths resonating out into the spacious room. Towards the end of his set he paved the way perfectly for Dave Seaman by slowing the tempo right down with a couple of unexpected slow groovy tunes, before handing over to the man himself around 1am. Seaman met the eager crowd with a huge beaming smile that infected the entire room, firing up bouts of rowdy cheering and screaming.
Seaman oozed class as he kicked off the set with some nice minimal progressive tunes, which started to move into a funky groove not far into the set. All the while his interaction with the crowd was a pleasure to watch as he communicated with the punters, had a bit of a dance himself behind the decks and mouthed the words to his favourite tunes. As the night rocked on the set smoothly moved around quite a lot, meandering between funky, melodic and driving bass, dispersed by epic buildups that the crowd was lapping up. Towards the end of the set a lot of electro and acid sounds were thrown in for good measure. He played a number of massive tunes throughout the epic set, including a Innercity’s Good Life and a couple of Eric Prydz remixes. Towards the end some huge hits were pulled out including Gabriel & Dresden’s Tracking Treasure Down, Strings of Life and a remix of Delerium’s Silence.

Fortunately for the crowd, as Seaman’s set wrapped up to its epic conclusion he continued on with a couple of encore tracks, wounding the dance floor up into a frenzy. To my delight, the encore kept on going and Dave just kept on playing. Special mention goes to the quality visuals from Morph, and the sound was top notch as usual.

Overall, it was simply an awesome night. It’s hard to differentiate between the many excellent nights put on by the Sweetchilli crew, as they all score high on the same important factors. The DJs all played quality sets, the sound, venue and visuals were top notch and the crowd was just as friendly and ‘up for it’ as usual, with all the regulars making an appearance. Keep ‘em coming and we shall attend! See you all at the next Sweetchilli.

Review by Chewporka (inthemix.com.au)


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