Australian trio Infusion have been plumbing the depths of historical musics and plundering the annals of electronic music royalty to make truly futuristic transcendental dance for nigh on a decade now. Manny Sharrad, Frank Xavier and Jamie Stevens have expanded minds, built bridges and been adorned with affection from Wollongong to Williamsburg and back with their uniquely placeless, always evolutionary approach to dance music.

All Night Sun Light is Infusion’s new album, and just when it feels like there’s no more avenues for an act of their pedigree to go down, they’ve flipped and gone down one you never expected but always wanted them to take – the modern pop superhighway.

Comprising 11 concise, shimmering exemplary displays of machine pop, Infusion’s brand of dance has always dabbled in the pop world, but on All Night Sun Light they’ve wholeheartedly plunged in, while still engineering a sound completely at home in the dark world of strobes and sweat.

After their last album, the award winning Six Feet Above Yesterday, Infusion spent the better part of 3 years taking that record to the people, touring extensively not only around Australia but also traipsing through Europe, North and South America, and Asia. They also lent their definitive touch to remixes of artists including The Cure, The resultant album we now have in our hands is one that reeks of travel and experience, both geographical and psychological.

2 Player Game opens the suite with a sinister synth line before settling into the kind of groove Depeche Mode would die for, All That’s In Your Head is the pulsing electropop heartbeat of a wasted romance, while Falling Into Place feels like the long, dark walk home from the night of your life. Gotta Leave Now is an ecstatic triumph, possibly the most irrepressible future pop dart in this impressive records artillery. Head Over Heels comes out of the blocks feeling like T-Rex and clocks in at just a shade of 2 minutes, a completely unexpected but completely new and welcome level of succinctness from a band who’s first breakthrough single, Spike, clocked in around the 6 minute mark.

Again written and produced by the band themselves in just about every studio, bedroom and shed that would take them between Melbourne, Sydney, Angelsea, The Mornington Peninsula, Brighton UK and Los Angeles, All Night Sun Light was then shipped to James Brown [no, not that one – assistant to Alan Moulder, Trent Reznor etc] in New York, who mixed the record in Phillip Glass’ Looking Glass Studios.

Of the resulting opus, singer Manny Sharrad says: “We are definitely very happy with the album and the way it’s turned out. It’s been a very long and hard road in making this album ourselves but having complete control meant we achieved everything we wanted to with it. It was great working with the Victoria Philharmonic Orchestra, Kram – who did some drumming along with T-Rek, our guitarist friends and a big brash brassy band we used for Memory Cheats. We also were lucky to have the film scoring talents of Rajan Kamahl and Jono Fernandez to assist in the string arrangements in the more epic tracks such as Falling Into Place and Horizons.”

So confident are they in the new record, Infusion have taken back complete control of their own destiny and will release All Night Sun Light independently.

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