Phil K

The term ‘pioneer’ is bandied about too readily in dance music but for Phil K, the term is just right in so many ways. Born, bred and based in Melbourne, Phil has been lending his services to the dancefloor since way back in 1985 when he started as a mobile DJ playing all the party classics. A combination of ugly drunk secretaries, a few flat Bah mitzvahs and the acid house exclusion lured the young DJ from functions to the murky depths of clubs. Thank God too because since that move, Phil K has turned the clubbing experience into something different altogether.

As dance music boomed in the early 90s, so did Phil K. Names such as The Chevron, Inflation, The Metro and Chasers have all become clubbing legends and you can be sure that Phil K has played a major part in crafting that reputation. Forging a name for himself through immaculate mixing, mind bending programming and just down right dirty tunes, the name Phil K has appeared alongside the likes of Sasha, Seaman, Oakenfold, Freq Nasty, Craig Richards…. and the list goes on. There’s a very good reason why the list of support acts is so long. Promoters might look and behave like twits but those who have booked Phil K know one thing – he’s professional. The master of setting the room just right for a big name. No ego involved. No stealing the limelight. Just rock solid performances every time.

As dance music slid towards the masses, Phil K typically went his own way, finding a home at Melbourne’s institution of the underground ‘Sunny’. Playing closing sets of breaks, techno, house and everything in between, Phil K consistently turned the room on it’s head and was even known to make a few cry at the end! Phil’s broad appeal has also seen him dutifully employed at a number of large festivals such as The Big Day Out, Vibes on a Summer’s Day, Gatecrasher and Two Tribes. These days, Melbourne’s ‘Godfather’ can be found playing any one of a number of international and interstate guest spots as well as devastating dancefloors across his hometown of Melbourne. Most notably, Phil has recently returned from a tour of the US where, according the press, his performances left people gobsmacked.

When it comes to technique, Phil K is, without a doubt, one of the best in the world. When the Pioneer DJM600 landed, all Phil’s Christmases had come at once and he set about putting the mixer through it’s paces as only someone with his commitment and could do. Locked away in his studio, Phil was thinking of tricks that the people who built the mixer hadn’t even thought of so it was no surprise when Pioneer asked him to demonstrate their equipment across the Asia Pacific area. The past few years have seen Phil travel around the country and abroad to show people the most recent Pioneer models and teach them just a thing or two about just how far you can go.

In many ways, dance music has lost some of its buzz. When the fever was at its highest there was a sense that you were partaking in something different – it wasn’t for everyone. Nowadays you can hear the same music on major radio stations in most clubs and that’s just stale. Phil K changes all that. 18 years on from spinning his first record he still find new ways to do something, ways to challenge himself and ways to challenge the audience. In this way Phil not only captures the dancefloor – he captures the meaning of the word ‘pioneer’.

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