David Carretta

David Carretta is live electro/techno performer and DJ.

Born in Marseilles, he made his first step in the new wave music with the first synths and sequencers (Korg MS 10 and MS 20) and one of the first samplers (Ensoniq Mirage). Carretta absorbed the prominent industrial and synthetic combos of the late eighties and early nineties: Front 242, Depeche Mode, D.A.F. and Throbbing Gristle very much influenced his first band Art Kinder Industrie.

During the very beginning of the techno movement in 1993, David released his first EP on Harthouse Records under the name of Calyptol Inhalant. Settled in Toulouse at that time, David performed live only occasionally.

During a tour set up by a friend in 1995, Carretta life took an unexpected turn: Helmut Geier, aka DJ Hell, noticed him and signed him on his label Gigolo.

In December 1999, David Carretta released his debut album Le Catalogue Electronique.

Since 1996 Carretta collaborated with fellow-countrymen DJ Olive and Virtualian on Thrust Records playing in a pumping and dancefloor oriented style.

In 2000, David has been founded Pornflake Rec. with Renaud Campana, releasing Electric Indigo, Mark Broom, John Tejada, Ferenq and Worker Poor.

In 2001, Carretta released his fourth 12-inch on Gigolo, the Domination EP.

In 2002 he took a couple of months off to learn to DJ, releasing the mix CD ‘Model: Electro Dash’.

During late 2002 to early 2003, David Carretta launched at last his own record label Space Factory.

Caretta’s tunes are hard and metallic (his old machines still work pretty well) his pieces are forthright, with his performance filled with a punk fit of anger. He hasn’t changed over the years: the voices remain vicious and distanced, the bass sounds acid-like, the lyrics are French or English sung with a strong accent.

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