Rex the Dog

Rex the Dog is a canine producer with a love for seventies synths. Rumour has it Jake Williams helps him out with the buttons he can’t reach with his paws.

When Rex The Dog first signed to Kompakt, Jake’s identity was kept a secret. Whilst in the “Rex” persona, Jake politely shrugs off questions about why he keeps his identity a secret, and it is still largely unknown. However, he was once stated as saying that his original production name “JX”, was “all about chasing a hit”. In contrast, the Rex persona is about the music itself, and is not a money making machine. It’s most likely that for this reason he has attempted to keep his identity a secret, so that his music can do the talking. There is often ambiguity in interviews. Although Jake calls himself “Rex The Dog”, when speaking about his activities he often refers to “Himself”, and then “Rex”, or “We” as if he is a two piece, helped by his dog. During a radio interview with UK personality Annie Mac, taped sounds of a dog barking once or twice to indicate “yes” or “no” were played in order to answer questions.

Under his first production name; JX, Jake had a string of big hits in the early 90’s. He first shot to fame in 1993 as a 16-year old with the dance anthem “Son of a Gun”. He’s also been part of groups Planet Perfecto, Mekka, and Trouser Enthusiasts, producing mainly mainstream music. It is likely that he created “Rex” to escape the stigma of his previous work.

Jake’s primary production instrument is the Korg 700S. He also uses the Casio CZ230-S, and the Arp 2600.

His live shows feature animations of him and his dog doing various everyday activities. Jake draws these himself.

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