Will Styles

A funk obsessives whose DJing is characterized by a flagrant disregard of genre and a passionate commitment to drinking. His sets generally incorporate (depending upon the party) old school funk, contemporary breaks, b-boy beats, hip-hop, non-batty disco, house, rock, pop, soul and very occasional credibility redeeming bouts of reggae. Head Honcho at FunkTrust along with Learned Hand, a party they created to rationalize their drinking habits and pay off their gambling debts. Since then, the weekly block party has succeeded in disappointing every financial expectation and fostered a generation of alchohol dependant absentee university students and young professionals. Promoting the consumption of beer and a mash up of block party breaks, party style hip hop, original uncut funk, occasional non-batty disco and exceptionally bad 80’s pop. But seriously… FunkTrust has been rocking Thursday nights in Sydney for the last 3 years.

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