*Daniel Crocetti

I guess the best place to start is to firstly ask the question… Does all this really matter ?

You know… writing your achievements down on paper for others to read isn’t exactly Daniel’s style… What has he accomplished ? Who has he supported ? What is he doing in the scene at the moment ? The list could easily go for a couple of pages and is continually growing.

Daniel isn’t caught up with what others are doing, he prefers to just get on with it and get stuff done. The fact that Daniel along with friend and business partner Crispin Kerr, has run one of Australia’s most successful and long standing underground parties ‘Sweetchilli’ for the last 7 years is a massive achievement in itself. The fact that he has nurtured that party and turned it into a successful touring and event management company, touring some of the worlds most high profile DJ’s throughout Australasia is another amazing achievement.

The fact that he has played with well over 30 internationals including James Holden, Dave Seamen, David Carretta, Desyn Masiello, Paolo Mojo and Petter to name a few. Daniel has played at nearly every major festival and party in Australia such as Renaissance, Two Tribes, Sounds on Sunday, Gatecrasher, Gods Kitchen, Future Music Festival, Kink, Chinese Laundry, Tank and the list goes on. But Daniel wouldn’t tell you that and doesn’t want to hence why I have been given the pleasure to do so.

Musically as a DJ, Daniel steers well away from the obvious floor fillers preferring to embrace the more underground aspects of electronica while still having an amazing ability to really get the crowd moving. Daniel finds his influences coming from artists such as James Holden, Petter and Anthony Pappa. His fusion of techno, acid, minimal, progressive and all forms of house has gained him a solid reputation for shaping dance floor experiences that are unique, provocative and driving whilst still maintaining its less obvious edge. This unique approach to his music and DJing really shines through and is breathing fresh life into dance floors around Sydney’s otherwise very homogenous scene.

At the end of the day Daniel Crocetti is on the frontline of the Australian electronic music scene and accomplishing some amazing things but yet remains one of the most approachable and down to earth DJ/ Promoters in the business.

Written by Carl Spence

© 2012 Sweetchilli