Jimmy Van M

Over the last decade and a half few individuals could claim the type behind-the-scenes influence on American dance culture as Jimmy Van M. From his development of the booking agency known as Balance (now known as TCA), to his pivotal role in the formation of the Delta Heavy tour, his tireless efforts can be credited with having helped advance electronic dance music throughout the United States, opening avenues for artistic expression in dance-clubs that did not previously exist before him and his very unique efforts.

The Northern Exposure American Tour 1996, Twilo resident 1996-2000 and Delta Heavy 2001 is to name just a few of the residency or tour events that he has participated in an as artist… Global Gathering 2004, The 25,000 person NYE Millennium in Melbourne, Australia, The first ever Creamfields Russia as well as Creamfields Buenos Aires with 55,000 people in attendance would make up the short-list of some of the most important one-off performance events to ever happen globally within electronic dance music that he has also performed in.

Jimmy Van M has built a reputation on being among the most patient and sophisticated dj’s to be found globally…from his opening sets to his peak-time club sessions and all the way through to the after-hours parties that he’s become so famous for. His ability to deliver music ranging from the deepest of early morning sessions to the most banging and driving peak-hour main-room affairs has placed him in seemingly unlimited and ever-delightful company throughout the world. It remains as one of the most distinguishing features of this very urbane and global performer that, for him, the music must move and then move on. When it comes to atmosphere, vibe and drive there are very few dj’s that can stand alongside Jimmy Van M. Whether it’s putting together a cross-country tour, programming innovative and forward thinking dance music or dj’ing to thunderous masses anywhere from Buenos Aires to Tokyo he is one of the most characteristic performers to be found anywhere.

But this tells only part of the story. It was Jimmy’s formative years at his house in Orlando, Florida where things really fell together for him as a dj. To list all of the artists who played at his house in those early years would be to index the most famous and notorious dj’s globally, as well as hordes of friends that just came by with a bag of new records. For years and years the only residency that interested Jimmy, or most any other dj on any given Sunday, was his home address. These after-parties still get mentioned and name-checked by most anybody that happened to come through town on a whirlwind tour of his cul-de-sac. It was here that Jimmy really developed his very patterned style of playing, layering endlessly characteristic and suggestive tracks for anybody that happened to stop by. These unending Sundays resulted in one of the most artful and layered mixing styles to be found anywhere. From those humble beginnings he took that playing style and his taste for ever-changing and advanced styles of dance music from that notorious little neighborhood to the far reaches of the globe.

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