Trent Anthony

Trent Anthony has been DJing since about 1995, but as history goes he played instruments, was in a couple of bands, wrote music, then after school experienced dance music. He met a couple of friends who were DJs and was really into what they were doing and developed a taste for dance music. After seeing John Digweed at the Metro in ‘97 or’ 98 he was inspired, and from that moment he was heavily into what he now does and went 100% after that goal.

Trent has been described as technically flawless and is revered as being among the most proficient DJs in Sydney. He’s played musical instruments such as the guitar since the age of eight, so he knows his music, and he has been performing and producing a wide variety of musical styles since the age of nine. His sets are smooth, flowing and inspiring. With thought that goes into track selection and how each track will mix most creatively into the next, his sets can be described best as being a well constructed journey of deep sounds ranging from progressive house to nu-skool breaks.

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