Balance 012 mixed by Lee Burridge

EQ Recordings continue onwards and upwards with their cult-like Balance series in an ever evolving manner bringing you the next instalment mixed by the wandering minstrel of dance music; Lee Burridge. Revered the world over for his eclectic track selection and seamless skills, it’s a genuinely difficult task to pinpoint Lee’s sound; – although according to the man himself its perhaps best described as wonky, wobbly, bassline-driven, trippy, melodic, nasty, gentle, deep, spacious, rocking and above all 100% cool!! Offering a premium selection of underground House, Lee’s DJ sets are never the same twice; they have to be heard to be believed; so, what better way to showcase this sublimely varied mixture of vibes than on a triple disc mix for one of the world’s leading compilation series, Balance!

Balance 012 mixed by Lee Burridge is a sublime a collection of house rhythms, techno beats and subtle melodies, culminating in a deep, beautiful, dark, trippy and wobbly soundtrack; Featuring a wide array of cutting edge artists including Martin Buttrich, Jose Padilla, Dennis Ferrer, H-Man, Paul Daley, Alexi Delano, Efdemin, Gabriel Ananda and more, this is a CD that will deliver the complete Lee Burridge experience in one package.

In a career that now spans two decades, Lee is a globally acclaimed DJ who regularly appears in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list, and has rocked iconic festivals like Exit, Creamfields, Love Parade, Dance Valley, Ultra, Acafest and Coachella. He’s commanded no less than four compilations, including two for the world-beating Global Underground series, and has thrown his own party at the Miami Winter Music Conference for the last three years’ running. And, in between all of this, he’s found the time and energy to travel the globe thrilling clubs from Jakarta to Johannesburg, and fulfilling residencies from New York to Sydney. However, while all of this is very nice, if Lee has any say in it, it’s the development of his 365; project that evokes the most pride. Fuelled by the monotony of unrelenting travel and launched in 2000; 365; was a unique idea that saw Lee assume bi-monthly residencies in seven different hubs around the world (New York, Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Denver and Hong Kong) with the sole aim of growing the relationship between himself and his crowds. “I wanted to expand the impact that an international DJ could have on seven different countries/cities, so I set about playing in each place for a couple of months every year”, he explains. “I wanted the crowds to really get to know me – my sound, my vibe – and it’s been an incredible journey watching our mutual understanding of one another grow and grow; Now in its third year, 365 also sees Lee hooking up with local producers in each city/country to hit the studio and write tracks;

Did someone mention writing music? Great. Because despite a self-proclaimed, decade-long lack of inclination, Lee managed to get off his talented bum and start wrestling with keyboards and computers to make music a couple of years ago. Good thing, too … because his first solo production, the ‘Lost and Found EP’ (Fire), was snapped up by James Lavells ;Global Underground;, Cass;Prologue and Sancho Panza, Carnival; compilations. Most recently, Lee’s affinity with studios and machines that go bing has spawned his very own label, Almost Anonymous, which he’s using to send tracks knocked up on the 365 project to market. In fact, by the end of the year, tracks alongside the likes of Andy Page, Dan F and Steve Porter will all be hitting online and offline shelves!

With 2007 well underway, as usual, Lee’s got his nose to grindstone and loving every minute of it mind you, compared to electrocution, it’s probably bliss! On top of his Almost Anonymous releases, his annual Lovelee party @ the San Francisco Love Parade will be twisting a few hundred minds in September; he’ll be changing lives forever at the USA’s Burning Man Festival, oh, and then theres the small matter of touring the planet to support his illustrious x3 disc mix for the uber-underground, world-renowned Balance compilation series. Having featured the likes of James Holden, Chris Fortier, Desyn Masiello, Paolo Mojo and Luke Fair, Australia’s Balance CD’s have become an industry benchmark and with Lee commanding his own within the coming weeks’s set to reach even greater heights

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