Sweetchilli Launches Weekly – Fridays @ Civic

We have a plan! We think its a pretty good plan… the goal is get all the music we love and create a place that is strictly about the party, where open minded individuals from an array of different scenes will want to be week after week. We want to open up the cities underground and celebrate all forms of music while still keeping the Sweetchilli ethos that has helped us be so successful in the past. Friendly faces, good attitudes, quality music and great production.

We have 4 initial concepts that will rotate monthly or thereabouts with more on the drawing board so stay tuned and expect something exciting and a little different…

SWEETCHILLI: The one you know and love, International DJ’s, the best electronic music in the world, 8 years and counting, larger events, bigger chins and even better attitudes..

SWEETCHILLI RavE: Glow sticks, acid, electronic digital love, girls, guys, underground warehouse, electro, cheap entry – its all about the dance floor man, remember the days when you could hug a lamp post and no one would think any different. 200 smiling faces.

THUG NIGHTS Music from outter space, intergalactic, seductive, deep & sexy. Ghetto vibes. Music from the past, present & future. Different mind sets, groove orientated house, techno, electro and minimal. .

SWEETCHILLI LIVE: Our newest baby and something er are very excited about. Llive electronic acts, live producers, bands, love ins, tight jeans, DJ’s & fucking cool music.

The launch party on the 28th September will be a classic Sweetchilli event with residents Daniel Crocetti, Carlos Zarate, Robbie Lowe and special guest Mark Murphy.

Some artists you can expect to see over the first month include Jimmy Van M, Deepchild, Mark Murphy, Ben Morris, Nudes, Mik tha Menace, Tim Jirgenson and Tim Culbert, with LIVE acts and more DJ’s to be announced….

The Venue The Civic Hotel is already one of Sydney’s coolest venues. Sweetchilli will take regular control of the Theatre, recognised as the best small venue in Sydney with possibly the best sound system in Australia. With renovations almost complete we are looking forward to celebrating quality music week after week…. we hope you can join us!

LOVE Always


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